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Biomedical Waste Recovery and Disposal


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Several teargas canisters were shot into a home (”I’m not coming out!”; drug-related activity brought police action).  Multiple canisters not only made it into the home but also penetrated the wall cavities and leaving a high concentration of reacted dust in the recess.  Once the entire structure was treated with the teargas neutralizing solution, technicians then began to recover the dust left by the teargas projectiles. 


While the technicians were collecting reactive dust, a HEPA filtered Air scrubber was run in other portions of the house to gather dust that was disturbed during cleaning and to restore air-quality.  Multiple layers of teargas neutralizing solution fog (Get The Odor Out) were applied to continue to neutralize dust that was disturbed during cleaning. 


It is also very beneficial to use a soap (Dawn) that breaks up oil and surface debris when treating surfaces.  This removes reactive dust and opens the surface up better for chemical teargas neutralizer efficiency.


The MSDS for the tear gas neutralizing chemical is on hand in accordance with OSHA Standard Hazard Communication 1910.1200.  The Get The Odor Out formula used is specifically formulated to neutralize CS and CN teargas particulate. The whole of the interior of the structure was treated with the teargas neutralizer. Six technicians performed decontamination work for a total of 39 hours to remove the contamination. 


During this process, six individual sets of personal protective equipment and seven gallons of tear gas neutralizer were consumed.  Three HEPA filtered air scrubbers were run for the duration of the project along with two chemical foggers to distribute the tear gas neutralizer. 


HEPA filtered vacuums were used on all surfaces to remove and contain the contamination.  Wet wiping of the walls and floors was also performed to contain any residual reactive residue.  Heavy concentrations of reactive dust were scrubbed with soap water (Dawn) and retreated with neutralizer. 


Before any action was taken by the technicians, a work plan was developed to identify hazards clearly and the work practice controls were followed and continually updated during the project.  Two small areas of sheetrock were removed to verify if any tear gas canisters were inside. 

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Biohazard Disposal

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We provide biohazard medical waste pickup for compliant disposal for your dental surgeon, dentist, doctor, funeral home, or clinical practice. And unattended death cleanup.


Your needles and sharps containers may be locked and included in the medical waste box contents for destruction in the Conroe, Spring, Tomball, TX area.

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