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Biomedical Waste Recovery and Disposal


Case 6 Photos


The contamination (blood) on the property was dispersed throughout the store front to the photo counter and out into the parking lot.  This blood spill was in relation to a stabbing that took place in the parking lot and the victim ran into the store for help before the police and EMS 1st responders arrived.  The blood on the scene was splatter across a large area opposed to pooling and a concentration in a small area.  


The actual inputs on the project were 8 hours of technician labor, 3 gallons of disinfectant, and 2 sets of personal protective equipment (PPE).  The regulated waste recovered from the project was disposed of in accordance with the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act and a waste manifest was provided upon transfer to a 3rd party disposal company.  


The blood on the concrete and surrounding surfaces was sprayed down with the primary disinfectant and recovered with absorbent material and scrub pads and discarded as medical waste.  The only characteristic that added comfort to the project was that this incident took place in the middle of the night and not during peak traffic hours.  Biohazard remediation began around 6 a.m.   


All the packaged food such as chips and candy near the door was discarded due to blood splatter near or on the items.  Due to the nature of the incident and the area it happened in, this 24-hour store was closed for the duration of the remediation.  Site specific challenges were not only was this incident blood related but it was also in the main entry to the establishment.  The blood, bandages, and absorbent powder were recovered and disposed of as medical waste.  


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Biohazard Disposal

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