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Biomedical Waste Recovery and Disposal


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The metal scrapers (paint scrapers) are very useful across the concrete sub floor and put distance in between the gloved-hand and bloody concrete.  When biological waste has been contained in the medical waste boxes, as well as, the conventional waste prepared for transport, the technicians remove their personal protective equipment and place it in a medical waste box.  All the PPE is disposed of as medical waste.  


The room then has comprehensive fog applied with Get The Odor Out to restore hygiene and improve comfort.  The technicians have easy access to a container clearly labeled "Biohazard" with the biohazard symbol clearly displayed and a red bag insert for biomedical waste to be placed inside.  Gloves and all applicable personal protective equipment (PPE) were provided to create a protective barrier in between the technician and the site environmental hazards such as blood.


Before any action was taken by the technicians, a work plan was developed to identify hazards clearly and the work practice controls were adhered to and continually updated during the project.  All precaution should be taken when working near the carpet tack strip.  This small wooden strip had nails embedded in it.  A pry bar can be used with a hammer to push waste into the biohazard box without touching any of the potentially biohazardous contents directly.  A small plastic or metal trash can or bucket is able to fit in a biohazard box in order to act as a sharps container for glass, metal, or wood.  


After a break, additional PPE would be applied and the conventional waste would be removed and put in the responding vehicle along with the medical waste containers.  The medical waste recovered from the project would see compliant transport to the TCEQ Licensed disposal facility and this life cycle is recorded in the TCEQ regulated waste manifest.  Salvageable electronics were wiped down with disinfectant and housed inside a drawer.  





Biohazard Disposal

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