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Biomedical Waste Recovery and Disposal


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Business Entity Compliance, Agent-Assigned Task

One thing to consider is that an agent (employee/subcontractor) of the business will supervise or take part in performing tasks with other agents in order to complete projects.  Simply stated, you’re responsible for those that work for you.  The business entity directing the project tasks is responsible for the health and safety of the agents involved in completing these tasks.  This fact amplifies the importance of a OSHA compliance and training program.  


Work practice instruction must run parallel to OSHA task guidelines.  This employee instruction must be documented in order to meet the standard’s training requirements and for future reference in safety and Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC) matters. 


OSHA 1910.1030 Exposure Control PlanAny establishment that has operations that potentially could put an employee in contact with bloodborne pathogens must have a site exposure control plan (OSHA 1910.1030).  This plan is the fundamental approach to site health and safety and the strategy to get there.The components of an exposure control plan are:1    


The policy and compliance plan (OSHA 1910.1030) to provide a safe work environment.2    Supporting documentation (requirements, training)3    Each employee’s job exposure expectation4    Universal precautions  for all activities and training5    Personal Protective Equipment is provided at no cost to employees6    Housekeeping requirements for storage of regulated medical waste, conventional waste7    Employee vaccinationsEach individual site, hospital, and/or kiosk has its own local rules and regulations and the site exposure control plan serves as a part of this support. 


OSHA 1910.1200 Hazard Communication 

OSHA 1910.1200 Hazard Communication standard communicates the importance of the right information in the right hands.  For each chemical that is used in the workplace, a MSDS must be on file for easy access.  This Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) is provided should there be a fire, and/or if a dangerous fume is present during use.  


Mixing precautions by the producer of the substance is provided along with  safety information and any other substance-specific information to support safe use.  


All of the MSDSs of the chemicals used by the facility or on a job site must be stored with the site exposure control plan in a right-to-know binder or central location for quick access.  Copies of the MSDS forms should be in a file cabinet for easy inspection or should there be a need for the information on site where the chemicals are stored.  Collating your MSDS information, training records, company specific policies and procedures, and any state mandated license material in a binder for the response vehicle is vital.  


It is very important to have easy access to this information when questioned for it.  And, if you know someone is going to ask for it when you arrive on site, print copies for the OSHA rep and/or anyone else who may need it.Federal Regulations and StandardsIn the 1970’s, waste disposal legislation was poor or non-existent.  

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Biohazard Disposal

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We provide biohazard medical waste pickup for compliant disposal for your dental surgeon, dentist, doctor, funeral home, or clinical practice. And unattended death cleanup.


Your needles and sharps containers may be locked and included in the medical waste box contents for destruction in the Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington, TX area.

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