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Biomedical Waste Recovery and Disposal



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Once canister was found and removed and the internal portion of the wall where it resided was also included in the remediation.  All of the tear gas dust (below) was vacuumed out as well as the removal of the projectile.  The cavity was then fogged with Get The Odor Out, a CS and CN tear gas neutralizer.      


Gloves and all applicable personal protective equipment (PPE) were provided to create a protective barrier in between the technician and the site environmental hazards.  These hazards, such as tear gas, can be combated with this protective barrier in accordance with OSHA Standard Personal Protective Equipment 1910.132.


To neutralize any residual tear gas residue, the entire home was treated with an atomizing fog of Get The Odor Out in multiple applications.  The base ingredient of this product is Stabilized Chlorine Dioxide (2000 PPM), an EPA listed light-duty bactericide used to restore biological hygiene and tear gas neutralizers for both CS and CN tear gas types deployed.


In summary, all surfaces were treated with a detergent and water solution to remove reactive dust and to bring up the PH in preparation for multiple applications of tear gas neutralizing chemical.  The surfaces were then treated with neutralizing solution through atomzing fog and hand sprayers.  The solution was recovered with conventional cleaning products on applicable surfaces and the HVAC system was treated with fog.

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Biohazard Disposal

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We provide biohazard medical waste pickup for compliant disposal for your dental surgeon, dentist, doctor, funeral home, or clinical practice. And unattended death cleanup.


Your needles and sharps containers may be locked and included in the medical waste box contents for destruction in the Katy, Brookshire, Cinco Ranch, TX area.

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