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Biomedical Waste Recovery and Disposal


Case 5 Photos


The bedding, mattress, and portions of carpet and pad were affected by biological fluids.  A person in their 40s died and was left unattended for over 2 weeks.  This decomposition produced fluids that penetrated the mattress, box springs, carpet, and pad.  The decomposition odor present was very challenging. 


This affected material was segregated as medical waste and contained and the entire area was disinfected multiple times.  Once the top layer of bedding and the pillow top of the mattress were removed, the fluids that settled on the bottom-side of the mattress were exposed. 


The clear labeling on the biologically contaminated material is shown.  This material was sealed in 4 mil plastic for safe transport and labeled in accordance with OSHA Standard 1910.1030 Bloodborne Pathogens.  Technicians performed decontamination, hygiene remediation, and odor neutralization tasks for over 8 hours.  During this process, multiple sets of personal protective equipment, disinfectant (Shock Wave), and neutralizer (Get the Odor Out) were consumed. 


Mobilization of resources required for this project would take approximately 45 minutes.  This time includes the removal of the personal protective equipment, disinfectants, and the required tools, fill atomizing fogger with odor counteract-ant/secondary disinfectant solution, and corrugated regulated medical waste containers from the responding vehicle after arriving on scene.    


The contamination, blood and bodily fluids, in photos show biological material concentrated on the bed.  The blood affected material extends to portions of the room near the bed from the removal of bedding material in order for access and removal of the body and movement of the deceased.  The bedding affected by blood and body fluids would be treated with disinfectant and then gathered and placed in the medical waste boxes.  It is also very important to recover the HVAC filter due to odor and then fog accessible air vents. 


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Biohazard Disposal

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We provide biohazard medical waste pickup for compliant disposal for your dental surgeon, dentist, doctor, funeral home, or clinical practice. And unattended death cleanup.


Your needles and sharps containers may be locked and included in the medical waste box contents for destruction in The Colony, Frisco, Hebron, TX area.

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