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Biomedical Waste Recovery and Disposal


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Surface samples were taken post-remediation to ensure the surfaces have been decontaminated, results included, and the directly affected porous, painted, surfaces have been painted with a sealant in preparation for a unit make-ready crew.  The appliances have been treated with solution and discarded.  The walls were treated with the chemical extractor. 


This extractor would apply neutralizing solution with a nozzle and recover with the wand.  The residual moisture was recovered with the dehumidifier and the HEPA air scrubber.  The commercial dehumidifier ran during the periods of heavy neutralizing solution fogging to combat fluid accumulation on the floors in addition to heavy mopping. 


The bathroom was treated in its entirety and one of the post samples was taken from the wall (see right).  The painted surfaces of the unit were sealed with oil-based sealant paint (Kilz) once the results came back clean (see bottom right). 


The bathtub was treated and the water was run for ten minutes (with the drain open) after detergent water rested in the tub overnight (with the drain closed) to treat any residue that may have been in the tub from dumping the chemicals during manufacturing.  The shelving and all recesses were exposed once the contents and carpet and pad were removed.  


It is very important to detail clean these areas and especially those near the floor where small children and animals could be exposed to residual methamphetamine manufacturing residue.  Hand sprayers were used to apply the detergent solution (Dawn) to the entire unit and surfaces were scrubbed with pads and brooms. 


In addition to the detergent solution applied with the extractor, a methamphetamine residue neutralizer (Artemis Bio-Oxygen Chem-Decon) was applied with a fogger once the surfaces to be treated were exposed.  Water was run through the fogger once finished due to the strong specialized chemical.  Get The Odor Out was also applied with the fogger. 


The base ingredient of this product is Stabilized Chlorine Dioxide (2000 PPM), an EPA listed light-duty bactericide used to restore biological hygiene.  This solution also contributes to oxidizing the compounds found in any trace residue from the meth lab on hard-to-reach surfaces in recess areas.  


In summary, by removing belongings, carpet, and pad all surfaces were exposed to treat with neutralizer and the contents were disposed of.

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