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Biomedical Waste Recovery and Disposal



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This extractor was able to recover the teargas powder that was neutralized but still rested down in the carpet and surfaces.  The neutralizing solution is sprayed out of nozzles on the end of the wand and recovered through the larger vacuum hose which then settles in the recovery tank.  In other teargas projects, most of them included the removal of carpet and pad due to the talc that settled into it.  


The carpet on this project was able to be salvaged.  The HVAC system of the home was also treated with teargas neutralizer in order to target any reactive powder in the ventilation system.  


The home was restored to use after the remediation but it is unknown if the husband was allowed back home after the police were finished with him.  To neutralize any residual reactive tear gas dust, the entire home was treated with an atomizing fog of Get The Odor Out.  During the entire remediation, the windows were left open to introduce fresh air.  Air scrubbers were used to circulate the air while the foggers sprayed solution.  


 The base ingredient of this product is Stabilized Chlorine Dioxide (2000 PPM) in addition to additives that neutralize CS and CN types of tear gas.  Detergent water (Ajax) was used to wash surfaces in preparation for the chemical neutralizer. 


In summary, the tear gas powder was concentrated in wall cavities and did not saturate the carpet.  Any airborne particulate was hydrated from the solution fog and would settle down for recovery on the ground or through the HEPA filter on the air scrubber and/or circulated outside through an open window or door.


The entire home was treated with the furniture and carpet salvaged.

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