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Biomedical Waste Recovery and Disposal



Case 10 Photos


Blood droplets can blend in with dark surfaces and multi-colored surfaces such as marble counter tops.  Use hydrogen peroxide (H2O2, 3%) as quality control by misting areas and looking for any area that reacts by foaming up.  


The comforter, blankets, bed cover, and pillows were affected by blood and treated as regulated biological waste and housed in biohazard labeled red bags.  


These biohazard bags were placed in large black trash bags (see right) in order to carry the biohazard waste down the luxury hotel hallway without causing alarm.  An enzyme (Neutron D-Molish) was use to break down the small-droplet blood stains on the carpet.  


The majority of the lost blood volume was absorbed by the bedding and towels and there wasn’t any blood pooling from the incident in the carpeted area.  Conventional cleaning products and disinfectant were used on the residual stains once the blood had been dissolved by the enzyme treatments.  


This enzyme is sprayed as a mist over the blood (soaking it but not creating a pool of fluid) on the carpet.  Paper towels (dry) are then laid over the enzyme soaked stains.  


These paper towels absorb the diluted blood in order to recover it from the surface of the carpet.  Once this cycle is repeated with additional enzymes and layers of dry towels, use conventional cleaners to treat any residual stains and spray a layer of disinfectant on the area.  


To neutralize any residual odor, the entire unit was treated with an atomizing fog of Get The Odor Out.  This solution does not leave stains on what is treated and is useful as a secondary disinfectant.  


The carpet was salvaged due to the small droplets opposed to pooling in addition to the mattress.  The carpet, couch and mattress were all sprayed directly with the atomized fog.  A hospital grade disinfectant (Shockwave) was used throughout the unit and to kill the enzymes used once the treatments were finished. 


In summary, blood droplets were spread across multiple surfaces including glass, stone, tile, carpet, and cloth.  The unit was disinfected before, during, and after the biological material was removed.


All of the supplies from the biohazard remediation, conventional cleaning, waste, and tools was transported from the room to the response vehicle in the most discreet manner possible. 

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Biohazard Disposal

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