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Biomedical Waste Recovery and Disposal


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Two types of waste were recovered from the project, biological and conventional.  A total of 12 boxes of medical waste was produced.   This waste was disposed in accordance with the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act with a 3rd party medical waste transporter.  


Upon transfer to this 3rd party, a manifest was supplied for documentation and submission to the local health department officials.  The conventional, non-biological, waste was transferred with 8 roll-off 40 cubic yard dumpsters to a local landfill.  Valuables were segregated from the waste and organized in clean areas.  An example of OSHA Standard 1910.134


Respiratory Protection is shown in which the technician is employing a full-face respirator.  The technician has easy access personal protective equipment for re-application during filth recovery in accordance with OSHA Standard 1910.132 Personal Protective Equipment.  


Once the bulk waste and debris was removed, a HEPA filtered air scrubber was utilized to process 2000 cubic feet per minute to remove residual particulate matter and odor, as well as, to circulate our atomizing hygiene-restoration fog.  After the remediation, the city was able to lift the condemnation on the property.  


To combat odor and assist in restoring hygiene, the entire home was treated with an atomizing fog of Get The Odor Out in multiple applications. Projects of this size have safety issues inherent in the amount of labor required to recover tons of conventional waste with pockets of regulated medical waste not easily recognized.


In summary, the whole of the inside of the home was treated with layers of an atomizing fog consisting of hygiene restoration chemicals and disinfectants.  The obvious trash was collected in contractor bags with the medical waste from the decomposition segregated in biohazard boxes.  Eventually, surfaces were exposed from the removal of trash and debris and additional fog treatments were used along side conventional cleaning agents to restore use to the home.

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Biohazard Disposal

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We provide biohazard medical waste pickup for compliant disposal for your dental surgeon, dentist, doctor, funeral home, or clinical practice. And unattended death cleanup.


Your needles and sharps containers may be locked and included in the medical waste box contents for destruction in the Arlington, North Richland Hills, Mansfield, TX area.

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