An Environment like No Other


Some environments don’t just fall into a category.  Categories may classify various environments, or the projects that remediate them, into components that accurately segregate them.  Other environments fall into a category of their own. 


These environments are in a category of their own because other categories have no frame of reference to compare to.  Those affected are the only ones who truly understand the priority and the sensitivity required to handle these types of environments.


Environments that arise from biohazardous events such as suicides, murders or homicides, crime or trauma scenes, and accidents are unlike any other.  Our network of fully-compliant trauma scene decontamination technicians are experienced in biohazard remediation and will respond with the sensitivity and capability needed to resolve the environmental issues inherent to crime and trauma scenes.

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Professional Service


got needles? delivers a network of compliant technicians with a service portfolio that includes remediation of environments contaminated by blood and biological fluids or any biohazardous material.  got needles?’s network of technicians have years of experience in the cleaning and restoration of environments affected by crime and trauma, human decomposition, law enforcement response tear gas, infection control, and methamphetamine lab residue remediation.  Our network of trauma scene decontamination technicians are fully bonded and insured.


Various projects demand differing degrees of discretion.  While we are discreet in all of our services, some of our contracts are with clients that require the utmost in discretion.  Luxury hotels, public arenas, schools, airports, transportation depots, and other similar environments may need increased flexibility from our trauma scene decontamination technicians to forgo additional attention to the scene.


got needles?'s network will work within our Engineering Controls, Work Practice Controls, and Administrative Controls to meet your elevated discretion needs.  We recognizes that our services could not arrive at a more sensitive time for our customers.  We are very proud to be able to assist your family or commercial interest in a time of need.  Please contact us with your service request.


Fully-Compliant Remediation


Our trauma scene decontamination technicians are compliant with the Engineering, Work Practice, and Administrative Controls required to perform this type of work.  We are in compliance with Engineering Controls such as Personal Protective Equipment (OSHA 1910.132), Bloodborne Pathogens (OSHA 1910.1030), and Respiratory Protection (OSHA 1910.134).  In addition to the Engineering Controls, got needles?’s trauma scene decontamination technicians are experts in Work Practice Controls such as Confined Space (OSHA 1910.146) and Hazard Communication (OSHA 1910.1200).  We adhere to Administrative Controls, such as scheduling due to safety concerns, on a project-to-project basis.


The Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) controls waste throughout its life-cycle by establishing standards for waste from its generation to its disposal.  One of the best aspects of RCRA is the flexibility it offers private industry in explaining waste classification.  By clearly dictating the handling standards for medical waste, RCRA is a major tool of the trauma scene decontamination technicians in disease outbreak control.  In addition to the list of regulated substances banned from conventional disposal, RCRA uses a characteristic system to explain its scope. 


Under this characteristic system, any substance that meets any of the components (ignitability, reactivity, corrosivity, or toxicity) is regulated waste.  And this regulated waste has stringent disposal requirements.  State administrative agencies are authorized by the federal government to implement and enforce hazardous waste regulations.  As long as the state program is as stringent or broader in scope than the federal regulation, the state agency is authorized to provide enforcement for RCRA.  All authorized state programs are on file with the EPA’s Office of Solid Waste (OSW).

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